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Need an apartment for next year? Because I just happen to need a roomate... 
Thursday, December 31st, 2009
Hello everyone,

You are not having deja vu. After 2 very excellent years in my apartment, I have gotten myself into the same old pickle of renewing my lease without a roommate. I am not in a panic yet, but I do need to find someone by July 25th, 2010 and the early the better [for my sanity]. So I call upon you, friends, and the incredible power of the anonymous internet to help me out again! If you know anyone who is looking to live in south oakland, let them know what's up.

Here is the apartment info...

RENT: $895/month plus utilities, water, and cable. You'll pay half of the total. The lease is from Aug. 1 to July 25. No subletting or transfers allowed. Small pets ok; no cats or dogs. I have 2 parakeets [caged], but their living arrangements are negotiable if everything else seems to work.

There is a $50 application fee with ES Management and you'll owe me half the security deposit. We get the deposit back when we move out.

OUTSIDE: 3609 Dawson Street, which intersects with Atwood street. It's easy to get to and it is on the university side of the Blvd of the Allies. There are 3 buildings managed by ES Management, this is the leftmost one if you are facing them. They are well kept, no garbage in the yard. The apt. is #6, on the second floor. Parking is available. Very convenient to the University of Pittsburgh, but also pretty handy to Point Park, CMU, Duquesne or any other city campuses.

INSIDE: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with a fullsize tub, kitchen with fridge and gas stove included, living room. It isn't huge but it's definitely one of the nicer places in south oakland. The apts come unfurnished, but all you would need to provide is the furniture for your bedroom and possibly a television as I have been set up for 2 years now, like I mentioned.

ABOUT ME: I will be entering Pitt's master's program for Speech-Language Pathology as a first year grad student in the fall. I go out to party instead of hosting huge numbers of people, generally like to keep my place neat although I have been known to throw my bedroom to the wolves during finals week. I'm pretty easy to get along with, don't smoke, do drugs, or bring home people of questionable character [at least not ones I don't know!]. I'm pretty awesome, basically.

If there is anything else you want to know about the apartment or myself, contact me. Please help!

Thanks everyone,

Dominique Hensley
Thursday, January 7th, 2010 (UTC)
Hm. I just transferred to Pitt this past semester, and I'm currently saving up money/living with my parents/commuting from Moon in the hopes of being able to move to Oakland over the summer. How much do your utilities usually run? Is your security deposit one month's rent? When I was living in Baltimore, I was paying about $700 a month (rent was $1650 for a three bedroom, plus utilities, and my roommates were all about the HDTV/DVR etc.) so they tended to run a little high and it was a lot for me to manage on my own.
Friday, January 8th, 2010 (UTC)
The total per month should generally fall between $530 and $580. I always try to budget $600 a month just for a nice round, safe number. The security deposit is half of $995 (equivalent to a months rent without the "on-time discount") so the person moving in would be putting down $497.50.

I do regular cable deal with On Demand included, and try to be smart about the heat/AC/lights and things like that.

My current roommate's lease ends July 25th; don't know how "over the summer" you need.
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