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Saturday, September 18th, 2010
Hello all! I was just accepted into Pitt's Library School, and now I'm trying to decide on if I should go to school full-time (which would be 12 credits/4 classes) or half-time (6 credits/2 classes). I work full-time (in a Library! So I would be able to do school work in my downtime and if my other work is completed). I will be going through the Reference specialization.

Surprisingly, the difference in the cost is only about a $1,000 between 12 credits and 6 credits. I could also take 9 credits/3 classes and still be considered full time, but I would not like to do that because it is the most expensive way to get the degree. If I go part time, getting the degree will take about three semesters longer.

I've heard that the program emphasises group work, and I'm worried about meeting with people when I'm working full time and going to class full time.

So, if you went through the MLIS program, my questions are -
How often did you have to meet with a group?
How easy/difficult was it to meet with your group members?
Did you also work while getting your degree, and how easy/difficult was that?
Were you satisfied with the level of course work you turned in, as in, you felt that you turned in good work?

Also, if there are any general tips or FYIs you can give me about grad school, I would really, really appreciate them. Thank you!

x-posted to Pittsburgh, sorry if you see this twice!
Saturday, September 18th, 2010 (UTC)
I'll put in my two cents. I just finished in August, after going through the program full-time and interning in the Pitt ULS.

I saw a comment to this in the x-post, and I'll second that doing it full time is a bit rushed. If you can afford to do it part-time, I would, especially because you already work in a library and experience is as important as the school work, if not more important.

The majority of the classes, and definitely all of the "core courses" will require some form of group work. The biggest problems I had with it were when instructors decided to mix the groups with on-campus and online cohort students. Even if you are working, as long as you are prompt about answering communications within the group and do your part as agreed, you will be fine, because some people are literally doing everything electronically. If the groups stay on-campus with on-campus, and online with online, then anticipate people wanting to meet in person more.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know!
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