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Pittsburgh Kiddies

Kids in the Hall

Pittsburgh University Students
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is an open community directed towards the following:

-Anyone considering moving to Pittsburgh and going to one of Pittsburgh's Universities/Colleges. Feel free to join and ask questions and receive honest opinions and advice from current students.
-Current Students, help out future students as well as fellow classmates. Show your school pride or rant about a class. Find out what events are going on and make new friends.
-Alumnists are always welcome and your experiences are appreciated.

Also, if you have a question it probably has been asked before, so check in the NEWLY REVAMPED memories. This isn't to discourage posting, just for quicker answers to common questions.

Basic Posting Guidelines:
-Please be considerate of all members and use your best judgement in appropriate posting and commenting.
-If you post something long or a picture, place it behind an LJ-Cut.
-Most likely no one is going to care about your quiz results or some random meme, post it in your own journal.
-We probably don't care about your new EMO community or Rating community, if you insist on advertising, post it in a comment or something.
-Also, don't be obnoxious with big text, images, anything that messes up my page width makes me angry.
-Feel free to tell people upcoming events but don't spam.

If you have questions about the community you can contact the moderators: vanango, manicsgirl, beckielynn55, mmm_pi3, likefallingsand, iamairless with any ideas, suggestions, or questions. I reserve the power to ban anyone from the community at my discretion. Please refrain from being an asshole. Thank you.

Have Fun!

Links: Housing Discussion for 2005-2006,
Book Thread for 2005
Ptmarion.com, Pitt's Party Website, over 3500 Members!"